Monday, April 20, 2015

Switching Gears

Over the last several months, my 20 Time Project became a huge part of my life.  Whether it was planning events, doing research, exploring Detroit, doing charity, or emailing influential people, I was kept very busy.  I was extremely successful with my project but, needless to say, this success came with some frustration, hardships, and failures along the way.  
One of the best parts of my project was getting involved with Cass Community Social Services.  Going in to do charity at CCSS for the second time was one of the most exciting parts of my journey. Being able to serve lunch and dinner to a couple hundred homeless people is something that I will never forget.  Then, staying involved with CCSS to help feed a jail that was low on supplies, and collecting supplies and donating to CCSS throughout the long, cold winter was also very humbling and kept me busy.  My experiences with CCSS were just one of the many things I did for my project, but probably helped me learn and accomplish the most.  
Of course, I do have some regrets and failures.  I wish I could've moved on faster when things were not going my way, instead of lingering on these ideas and wasting time.  Sometimes, I had ideas for what to do next in my project but it was not working out for whatever reason, such as when I tried to get involved with Detroit Public Schools and join the tutoring program and walk in their 5k to raise money for the schools.  It would've been great to get involved with the schools in other ways than just these.  
For my talk, I want to best represent what I learned.  I am still deciding what I want the topic to be.  The most obvious idea would be talking about the value of charity.  I have learned more than I ever thought possible about how important it is to give back to the communities around you and the people that are not as fortunate as you.  The whole experience has opened my eyes and been very humbling for me and I know I could talk about how I learned this lesson for hours.  Also, I could talk about Detroit in general.  I have fallen in love with the city and I am very intrigued since I have researched its history, present, and future.  I am still deciding what to talk about but I know, no matter what, I will be able to deliver a strong talk because I have learned so much.