Sunday, March 22, 2015

Giving and Receiving

Since my last blog post, a lot has happened with my project.  My favorite thing that has happened is the annual Empty Bowls Event.  This event is organized by my good family friend, and also my mentor for my 20 Time Project, Bonnie Mellos.  She has helped me a lot in getting in touch with Cass Community Social Services and done a lot of volunteer work in Detroit, because helping others is one of her passions, too.  Empty Bowls is something she organizes through Assumption Church where, basically, people volunteer to decorate, paint, and create glass bowls. Then, a couple weeks later, these bowls are bought by people and you get to eat soup, from local businesses that donate their soup for the event, out of the bowls you paid for.  Some bowls are even autographed by famous people or designed by famous artist.  These bowls get auctioned off for huge prices.  All of the proceeds of this event go to homeless people and soup kitchens in order to help feed people in need.  Empty Bowls is an amazing way for people and businesses all around the community to help out our neighbors in need, while also having a great time and eating some tasty soup!  I look forward to this event every year and I know how much of a difference it makes for those who have nothing.
Also in news, Cass Community Social Services sent me a whole catalog brochure on CCSS and other ways to get involved and show their business.  I think it is kind of like a "Thank you and come back soon!" kind of gift.  I love seeing these because the booklet really represents how CCSS works in helping those in need.  Along with this, they sent me four coasters with famous landmarks in Detroit pictured on them, including a Heidelberg house and the GM building.  I absolutely love this gift because it goes hand in hand with what I am focusing on in my 20 Time Project and connects all my passions about Detroit together in one gift.  The people at CCSS are amazingly generous and kind hearted and I hope I can go back to volunteer again as soon as possible.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Frustration and Success

In the past weeks, I have had success, but also a lot of frustration.  It is already March and I hoped that I would have been able to get involved with Detroit Public Schools by now.  I tried very hard to get a tutoring position in their Reading Corps Program and help kids that struggle with reading and writing, but they have not notified me or gotten back to me in any way.  There's not much else I can do but abandon that goal.  Despite their failure to allow me to get involved, I hope the Reading Corps Program is still active because it truly is a great way to help children of Detroit become more successful in school and bring up low test scores in Detroit's schools.
In news, Cass Community Social Services contacted me, knowing a was a volunteer willing to help in any way I could, saying that they were running short on crucial supplies from the lasting, cold winter.  These supplies included toilet paper, laundry detergent, and paper towel.  I spread the word and tried to collect as much of these supplies as possible.  I got a good amount of supplies together, my own donations plus donations from friends and family, but I did not get as much as I expected.  I am still proud of the donations given to Cass Community Social Services and I know that any amount will help the workers provide for the people in need.
Also, I have been exploring the shoot-off project within my project that is just learning more about Detroit itself and enjoying all the culture and hip things happening in the city.  I have loved going downtown and eating in new restaurants and seeing new things pop up all the time.