Monday, February 9, 2015

Pursuing Goals

I am disappointed to say that another two weeks have gone by and I still have not heard back from the Detroit Public Schools (DPS) Reading Corps tutoring program. I have emailed them multiple times attempting to get a tutoring position and get involved in the schools. This opportunity was so perfect for what I'm looking to accomplish in my 20 Time Project. I do not plan to give up that easy, though, and I am going to keep trying to get ahold of DPS and try to get into the Reading Corps program.
I cannot put my whole 20 Time Project on hold even though I am waiting for this response. I plan to keep moving forward and achieving other goals that I have established for my project.
It has been about a month now since I visited Cass Community Social Services (CCSS) to help feed people in need. Because it was such a positive experience at CCSS, I definitely want to go back soon. Again, I will get back in contact with Sue Pethoud at Cass and work towards finding the next possible date I can go in.
Also, I want to begin to learn about the the history, art, and personality of the city of Detroit itself. One of my favorite places to visit in Detroit is the Heidelberg Project. This project shows teamwork, soul, personality, and the hope in Detroit through artwork. Their team decorates houses, cars, parks, etc. in crazy patterns and colors representing modern art in Detroit. It is a symbol for the hope that is instilled in Detroit, even when the city is going through rough times. Though some people are against the project and their creations, the people at Heidelberg do not stop. I think their art is so beautiful and amazing and truly shows the modern potential in the city of Detroit and how its people still love their city. Although I am obviously not on the Heidelberg team, I want to get involved. I did some research and found out that the Heidelberg Project takes donations of objects, supplies, etc.- considering that they make art out of almost anything. I am going to try to get in touch with some of their members and see if I can collect donations for their project, making sure that their beautiful symbol of hope and modern art lives on in Detroit.

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