Monday, February 23, 2015

Mid-Winter Break

Although I did not have any big events planned for my 20 Time Project over break, I made the most of my time off and got creative with things I could do to further pursue my project. Because I have not heard from Detroit Public Schools and I do not have the next date set at CASS Community Social Services, I did not have much on my schedule. I decided to move on with my project in a different kind of way and take a new spin on my project.
I knew that I was very interested in the modern and hip parts of Detroit that overcome the barrier of poverty and hardships throughout the city and create something cool and beautiful. First, I visited the Heidelberg Project. I have been to this site before and I wanted to visit again. The Heidelberg Project is full of unique and modern art, making a creation out of random object and colors. It is one of the most beautiful things Detroit has to offer and it is cherished by many people. Many look at the project as a sign of creativity, hope, and passion that is instilled in the city of Detroit and its people. I just drove through parts of the project but I will soon go back again to take a closer look, take pictures, research, and enjoy the art. I hope to be able to donate or get involved in the Heidelberg Project as well.
I also researched some of the newest restaurants in Detroit with high ratings. I found one called the Mercury Bar and I decided to go with all my friends. The ratings did not lie---they have all kinds of amazing burgers, French fries, and milkshakes. I aslo found a coffee place that is very modern called Great Lakes Coffee. The drinks were so tasty, the atomosphere was cozy, and the free wifi and computer outlets showed its hip, modern technology feel.
I absolutely love exploring new places in Detroit and seeing new things that are happening in the city. The positive and inspiring energy from the people that love the city of Detroit truly creates amazing and successful things in the city.

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