Monday, January 26, 2015

Off Week

In the past two weeks, I have not done much work on my 20 Time Project.  I have been very busy with everything including preparing and non-stop studying for all of my midterms. There was hardly a minute to spare! I wish I could've done more and made more progress on my project.
I am still waiting on a response from Detroit Public Schools with regard to their tutoring program. I emailed DPS Reading Corps a while back, giving them my information and asking if it was possible that I could get involved in their tutoring program. The way this program works is that you go to one of the Detroit Public Elementary schools at least once a week and help the little kids read and do their homework. This program came about when Detroit Public Schools tested with very low percentiles in reading. Studies show that if a child cannot read before third grade, they can be permanently behind in learning and reading abilities. The DPS Reading Corps has helped many kids and gotten many volunteers involved in the schools. This opportunity can help thousands of kids get a better education in Detroit. I would love a position there and be able to help out while developing a relationship with the kids. Hopefully, DPS Reading Corps will email me back soon so I will know if this could work for me, and, if not, I will try to pursue a different one of my goals for my 20 Time Project.

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  1. I love that you are doing this. Keep up the hard work.