Monday, December 8, 2014

The Season of Giving

After listening to Georgia talk about following your passion, I'm more excited than ever to jump into my 20 Time Project. What really stuck out to my about what she said is about the "dead weeks". These are the weeks that you're pretty much just waiting on things and getting prepared for the project. Georgia said, "let the dead weeks happen" and "just thinking about your project is doing work on it" which are two things the seemed very relevant to my project. Right now is a lot of idea planning and organizing. I am still eagerly waiting for Detroit Public Schools Reading Corps to email me back so I will know if I am qualified to go there to help kids read and do their schoolwork. Also, the dates for my first day volunteering and feeding people at Cass Community Social Servies are all picked out! I am so happy and can't wait to go in and help. In addition to these two volunteer opportunities that I am waiting on, it is the season of giving which has inspired me to do something Christmas related. With this idea, I researched what I could do to make the people of Detroit have a better Christmas. I found the Toys R Us layaway program which is essentially, people paying off layaways for others that cannot afford to buy all the presents they wish to for their kids. My family has participated in the past and I think it is a perfect way to help out those in need have a great Christmas. So, throughout the month of December I will be raising as much money as possible to give to Toys R Us to pay off the layaways. Because Christmas is coming so soon, this is the most important of my priorities as of right now.